ACMT – The Grand Plan – April – November 2020

Passion. Persistence. Purpose. That’s you all over.

That is what you are showing, Rachel and myself and the world by showing up.

We are sending so much gratitude your way for all your dedication.

Making you the best massage therapist you can be has always our passion and our purpose and we are determined to do it in the best way we can right now.

We have been listening to all of you for the last 3 weeks and we are responding.

We have a plan. The world is talking about pressing the pause button and finding a deeper purpose. You already have your purpose, so let’s dive really deep into it.

Instead of pressing pause: let’s press reset.

We have time so lets use it

We have the time, so let’s use it. Lets use the coming months to ensure that your ACMT journey is bigger, better and bolder than ever before.

There are 3 groups working towards achieving their Advanced Clinical Massage Qualification (ACMT), currently all on different tracks. We would like to bring you all together so we can give you the highest possible teaching and community support experience possible.

We are going to give you what you want: live access to Meg and Rache and our Jing teachers, high quality online courses and live virtual classroom experiences. We will cover in-depth pathology, trigger point and all the theory we can, by whatever means possible. Then when your Jing Home can welcome you back, we will cover all the ‘hands on’ in new and exciting ways.

As a thank you for your dedication, we are giving you literally thousands of pounds worth of extra material FOR FREE.

So what does it mean for you?

All 3 ACMT tracks will now have their journey restructured to meet these changing times. To maximise your study time during lockdown you will receive:

  • Access to ALL our acclaimed online ACMT courses now. That in itself is worth thousands. The 6 courses you will be given access to would normally cost £1500 alone. You will have them for 2 years to work through and revisit over and over again.
  • Live virtual classroom experiences on Zoom working through ALL the ACMT modules both practically and theoretically. Those of you have attended these classes already have told us that you find them inspiring, supportive and uplifting. Classes will start on April 20th and finish in July. This means that you can review what you have already done or learn new material in detail.
  • Hands on time is being re-scheduled for the autumn where we will all come together in celebration and review everything that we have learned online. It will be one helluva party!

Our trust in you – the honour system

Our gift to you comes with an honour system – that in return for our investment in you, you invest in Jing by continuing with your scheduled payment plans.
Jing reserve the right with hold your qualification release if there is a default on agreed payments.

How your all new ACMT experience will be structured

An ACMT module will be offered every 3 weeks starting April 20th. You will be invited to every module even if you have already “done” the course.

Each module will be taught through 2 Zoom teaching sessions (Monday & Wednesday 9.30-11am) and 1 Facebook question and answer session (Tuesdays).

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