Sarah Olner

Location: Sissinghurst Cranbrook
Phone: 07872600461
Email: Info@mindfulmassage.co.uk
Website: http://www.mindfulmassage.co.uk

I am a Jing Method Advanced Clinical Massage therapist
and having completed my ACMT Certificate I am able to treat a range of musculoskeletal pain conditions including neck and shoulder pain,headaches,
Migraine,whiplash,tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, knee and foot pain and other chronic conditions.
The Jing approach brings a fusion of Western techniques alongside Eastern practises to help with the reduction of pain in an area as well as an increase in movement within
a time frame of 1-6 weeks treatment.
Prior to completing my Jing training I qualified in 1992
as a Beauty therapist gaining the CIDESCO Diploma.
I worked and continue to work within the Spa industry
and now specialise in Holistic and targeted massage techniques .
I completed the Made for life CANCER TOUCH THERAPY
training in 2019 and having been treated for Breast cancer
myself in 2013 , I was drawn to finding a Company that provided ‘Wellness treatments ‘ helping to reconnect with
Nature and stillness.
The treatments are akin to a period of meditation allowing the body to access the Parasympathetic State.
This is where the heart rate slows down allowing rejuvenation on all levels .
My Jing training draws on the use of this holistic state of mind , body and spirit with the added benefit of the use of
Hot stone therapy , Acupressure and Advanced stretching techniques promoting the state of complete wellness at all

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