Oscar Hewitt Massage Therapist

Oscar Hewitt

Location: Lewes
Phone: 07864013157
Email: oscar@barefootbodywork.co.uk
Website: http://www.themewsbodyworkclinic.co.uk/oscarhewitt.html

Oscar is a clinical massage practitioner, acupuncturist and osteopath in training based in Lewes, East Sussex. He has completed the Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist certificate at the Jing Massage Institute in Brighton where he is also assisting on courses as part of the Jing teaching one to one scheme. He qualified in Tui Na (Chinese massage) at the Bodyharmonics College in Cheltenham, where he also studied acupuncture. Whilst his continued training in identifying and treating musculo-skeletal imbalance forms a core part of his practice, his training in Chinese medicine has allowed him to see a more complete picture of the body. He specialises in treating chronic pain, muscular dysfunction and emotional trauma using a combination of clinical massage and acupuncture.

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