Leah Thomas

Location: Poole
Phone: 07845 982132
Email: Leahthomasuk@gmail.com
Website: www.lightliving.me

I love the human body and for as long as I can remember, had a deep fascination with the body, mind, spirit connection. It is always an honour and joy to help someone get out of pain physically, mentally and emotionally.
I trained as a massage and sports massage therapist in 2004/5 and began my home based practice, also teaching massage for many years at the local council.
Over the last few years I have continued a multi disciplinary approach to health and well being, qualifying as a Spiritual Counsellor and yoga teacher, as well as completing the Advanced Clinical Massage Certificate at Jing. I love the variety my work brings and am passionate about outcome based treatments and whole wellbeing.
Whether dealing with pain and stiffness in the body or anxieties and stress, there is always a method to assist you back to peace and balance.

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