Katy Quayle

Location: DARWEN
Phone: 07980686959
Email: Restore.purpledoor@aol.co.uk
Website: https://www.restorebeyondthepurpledoor.co.uk/

I’m guessing as you’re reading this that you’re sick of being in pain, stressed out, not sleeping well…
I’m so glad you’ve found me!
Let’s change things.
I specialise in chronic pain, working with my clients to facilitate their recovery, getting them moving freely and with their pain reduced

The body is an amazing thing, it’s designed to heal, sometimes we just need to help facilitate that healing, optimising its abilities. Working together with massage therapy, mobilisation and self care for you to take back control of your fabulous body.

I’ve always massaged, so it was a natural progression to turn it into my career back in 2016, training in Swedish massage, Reflexology and Aromatherapy. Since then I have continued to develop my learning, adding hot stones, dry cupping, and more recently completing the amazing ACMT with Jing, adding their Advanced Myofascial Release course in 2021 to my repertoire really developed my practice. I’ve now also completed the BTEC 6 with Jing.

Chronic pain specialist
Jing courses completed;
Advanced Myofascial Release


Training from other providers;
Swedish massage
Hot stones
Dry cupping

Training coming up: TRE

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