Kat Collier-Fishlock

Location: Bideford
Phone: 01237 474 668 Mobile: 07943 142470

Hello there! I am a MFR Therapist, Body and Breath Worker. I initially studied and qualified in Esalen Massage at The Esalen Institute, California, US; and I have also qualified in Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy at the JING school of Advanced Massage Training, Brighton, UK. I am a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT), and I am also qualified to use natural hot stones in clinical and deep relaxation work.

My Massage Practice is called Massage for Health and Wellbeing, and my clinical treatment space is situated in Massage for Health and Wellbeing (Massage HW), 2 Old Moor, Littleham, Bideford, EX39 5HT

I do not impose pain or a massage routine on my clients. My belief system is that I work with a client, so that their body recognises anatomically and energetically attuned touch that is focused and safe, which in turn optimises the rate at which the body’s systems integrate during healing.

On the lifting of COVID restrictions in Summer 2020, I have been working mainly in the world of MFR (myofascial release). Working closely and co-creatively with my clients (and with a deeper sense of urgency that more and more people need touch and energy work); my work developed organically in to this area, and the results have been revelationary, truly sincere and life changing. I am continually training in the John F Barnes MFR and Sharon Wheeler Scar Work techniques. I believe these combined methods of work embody true “healing” touch. I follow the scientific and professional developments of this work through the UK based Fascia Hub.

What’s so special about MFR and scar work? MFR is the slowest, deepest work, you are ever likely to encounter when being touched from the outside. I work to sink slowly in to the true fascia level with my hands, fingers, thumbs, elbows, forearms. Once I have contacted your fascia, your fascia moves me! This is not a protocol driven practice – YOUR BODY LEADS the treatment. That pure movement of the fascia is called “unwinding.” I essentially move with your fascia in one area, and then the fascial network “communicates” with the entire body, unwinding other areas, and pinpointing origins of pain, stress and discomfort that you may always have had a feeling about, but never been quite able to pin-point. The scar work involves a plethora of techniques that can be used in very small areas with immediate transformation of sensation and mobility. Interestingly in my practice, I have observed constantly the body’s journeying of me to a scar tissue site (site of tissue adhesion) through MFR, and then I can integrate the scar techniques in that area.

My clients now tend to be people that have no idea what is wrong with their muscles or joints after being clinically diagnosed and receiving multiple scans (with little or no results).
If people have been holding psychological and emotional trauma and distressing memories for a long time – this body unwinding can help to deal with that “holding” of experienced trauma, both somatically (scientifically evidenced tissue work) and energetically (scientific investigations ongoing). Often, people come for this treatment when they have been to everyone else, and are on the verge of giving up and living with their physical and mental pain. Please don’t despair, just let me know, and let’s see what we can do together.

Remember your body has everything you need inside it to be healthy, sometimes things just need to be released and acknowledged by us, so that we can move forward to a life with
less pain, and a freer self.

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