Karen Weiss

Location: Paris
Phone: +33628126477

I am an advanced clinical massage therapist based in Paris, France. I specialise in treating chronic pain conditions, and supporting women pre and post natally with massage and coaching. I offer a safe and secure space for my clients to unwind, recharge and recover.

My treatments are holistic and outcome-based. Sessions begin with a thorough consultation so that I can fully understand your history and how I can best help you, whether it is getting rid of your pain, going back to doing the sport you love, or just unwinding after a stressful day. I use a fusion of eastern and western techniques, combining deep tissue work, trigger point therapy, soft tissue release, myofascial work and advanced stretching techniques.

I also tailor treatments for pregnancy and post natal recovery. This is a vital time where women need to be taken care of and nurtured while caring for a new life themselves. Having practised as a doula (a birth coach), I am sensitive to the huge changes that women experience on this journey, and the support that is needed on this exciting, but also challenging time.

I don’t believe in “fixed menus” of massages as each session can be different depending on what you need. I believe in treating the whole person and getting you the outcomes that you want to achieve. One to six treatments will, in most cases, greatly improve your pain symptoms.

Get in touch with me and I’d be happy to talk about how I can support you.

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