Jane Taylor

Jane Taylor

Location: Kent
Phone: 07734748269
Email: jane@taylormadefitness.biz
Website: https://www.taylormadefitness.biz

Having worked in fitness for 20+ years, massage training was a natural progression but I never expected it to become such a life-changing experience!

I completed my ACMT qualification in April 2017. I am also certified to offer pregnancy and post-natal massage and work with post-operative scar tissue.

Clinical massage offers you:
* reduced pain – ideal for relieving low back pain, neck & shoulder tension, hip and leg pain
*  improved sleep duration & quality
* improved mobility
* a feeling of deep relaxation
* stress-reduction
* a sense of wellness & connection

Each massage follows a holistic path, covering the whole body with specific focus on any areas of concern. I use a fusion of different massage styles combined with fascial release techniques, trigger point work and gentle stretching.

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