Jane Lee massage therapist

Jane Lee

Location: The Old Chapel Practice, 73 Broad Street. Guildford GU3 3BH
Phone: 01483 454 000
Email: walkingonair66@icloud.com
Website: http://walkingonair-guildford.co.uk

Specialist all under one roof in Guildford, providing people of all ages and abilities with a varied range of therapeutic answers to address to your foot, body and skin challenges and troubles.

The aim of the clinical practice is to offer and encourage solutions that enable people to be comfortably mobile and to function with confidence, to their full potential, at what ever stage in life they happen to be.

B.A.Hons, Cert Ed., ATD, BTEC Level 6

Professional Clinical and Sports Massage Therapist
Medical & Chinese Acupuncture for Muscular & Sports Injuries
Health and Care Professional Council Registered Podiatrist
Dept. of Education Specialist Teacher
Advanced Skin Care Specialist and Cosmetologist
Wellness Practitioner
Certified Life Coach and Advanced NLP Practitioner

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