Duncan Stephenson

Location: Crawley
Phone: 079031617748

Tri Massage specialises in providing professional massage for athletes from all sports. My background is in the Triathlon so I understand what it takes to keep your body performing at its best. From injury therapy massage through to regular massages.

A soothing relaxing massage is one of the most effective ways of relieving the tension and stiffness in muscles caused by stress. My stress busting massage is conducted in the most relaxing of environments with low lights and soft music.

Tri Massage Sports Massage helps:

Enhance performance
Reduce the risk of injury
Speed up recovery times
Improve circulation
Improve flexibility
Muscle pain and stiffness

Many clients schedule regular sessions to combat the stresses of life, and the strains of sitting in office chairs day after day. Meanwhile regular massages for sports people are very effective and will definitely help you stay injury free.

In Pain ? Tri Massage

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