Dr Judy Scrine

Location: Sittingbourne, Kent and Horley, Surrey
Phone: 07771 917836

Welcome to my bio!

With my background as an equine vet, and with a passion for sport and fitness, particularly marathon running, I am fascinated by the complexity of chronic pain and fatigue. I recognise the many ways it impacts the sufferer, particularly on their leisure pursuits, work-life balance and general well-being.

With training at the Jing Institute of Massage and Complementary Medicine, I provide full body deep tissue massage with a holistic approach combining Eastern and Western techniques in my Surrey home. I aim to bring a multi-faceted and complementary approach to those suffering chronic pain conditions, fatigue, reduced performance or menopausal symptoms. I particularly wish to provide therapy for sports men and women, and those wanting to fill the gaps left by conventional medicine.

Thank you for reading, and I look forward to doing my best to help you.

Bodywork Beginnings
Advanced Clinical Massage Training – in process

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