Debra Chicken

Debra Chicken

Location: Falmouth
Phone: 07525936546

Combining her clinical skills with yoga exercises for effective pain relief.
Debra has always been interested in how the body works both in movement and structurally and it was this thirst for knowledge that spurred her into completing the Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy course with The Jing Institute of Massage.

She discovered the benefits of Yoga after suffering a debilitating car accident twenty years ago when she discovered she was able to heal her own body using Yoga and avoided back surgery. Since then, Debra’s training over these years has revolved around healing and the body .

She began to teach others what she had learned and now specialises in teaching Yoga for healthy lower backs. She has studied with many world-renowned yoga teachers to perfect her abilities and uses this skill and knowledge in her massage practice, not only with her hands-on work but also by teaching her clients stretches which are both efficient and effective and which her clients are able to practice at home in order to continue the benefits she has given them.

It’s this unique combination of skills together with her intuition and understanding of her client’s needs that gives Debra the tools to truly give you a deep and well-rounded massage treatment. She combines this profound knowledge of Clinical Massage Techniques, together with stretching and (often remarked upon) magic Reiki healing hands in her client’s treatments that leave them feeling relaxed, renewed and regenerated.

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