Christine Horns

Christina Horns

Location: Paros, Greece
Phone: (0030)6939 23 55 23

I am a mobile therapist & am based in Saltdean, Brighton most of the year round.
However I can also be found on the island of Paros, Greece during the months of July & August.

I started out in Holistics in 2010 .
My training & love for what I do,
meant I continued my journey down further remedial paths ..

I have found through experience & due to the differences in every body –
Chronic / Acute & Everyday ailments benefit more from incorporating a range of various techniques opposed to just one .

Through direct & empathetic questioning I can assess & tailor a treatment to fully benefit a clients needs .

If you are fed up living with the drain of pain , physical limitations or discomfort, give me a shout.

Therapies I am fully qualified in can be found listed below .

ACMT – Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy
Inclusive of
Advanced Myofascial Release
Trigger Point Referral
Advanced Sports Stretching

MBCT – Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Facilitator

Sports Massage (Level 4)

Holistic Therapy (Level 3)
Inclusive of

Hot stones
Indian Head

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