Cecile Dumont

Location: London
Phone: 0208092296
Email: cecile.therapy@gmail.com
Website: https://www.om-therapy.com

An Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist, Cécile is trained in Holistic & Relaxation Massage as well as Sports and Remedial Therapy. Her practice covers a wide range of techniques but it is her extensive training in Myofascial Release in its many forms that truly resides at the heart of her approach to bodywork. She also specialises in scar release whether post injury, accident or surgery, and is a certified ScarWork Therapist (the Sharon Wheeler’s method), as well as being a Restore Scar Therapist. Cécile is very passionate about the functional improvements it offers in the long term. Drawing from this varied knowledge and array of techniques, she helps clients to find lasting relief through a better understanding of their body by teaching and promoting daily self-care and mindfulness.

Cécile first encountered massage while studying Physical Theatre, Puppeteering and Acrobatics in an international school where she was also introduced to Feldenkrais and the Alexander technique. Fascinated by physiology, her practice is very much influenced by her theatre training – a positive, responsive and intuitive approach combined with a precise understanding and use of body mechanics and based on a thorough assessment of the body in movement.

Registered with the CNHC, a member of the Massage Training Institute, Fascia Hub and Gil Hedley’s online worldwide community of Somanauts, she works with a variety of clients – professional musicians and physical performers as well as artists and desk workers, pre and post natal clients, military and medical staff, clients suffering from long covid, fibromyalgia and ME, pre and post surgery clients, marathon runners, yoga/pilates practitioners to name a few – tailoring her treatments to their short and long term needs.

Trust and collaboration between client and therapist are essential to her and she aims at progressively building a solid therapeutic alliance.

When she isn’t at the clinic, Cécile can be found tap dancing, swimming, practicing yoga and meditation, and trying other physical activities to learn and understand what the mind/body goes through from the inside out so as to better help her clients in sessions.

She is also currently taking on the BTEC Professional Diploma in Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy, a 3 year degree-level qualification and the highest level of sports and clinical massage training in the UK. This BTEC was created by the Jing School of Advanced Massage Training where Cécile has trained extensively the past few years.

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