Catriona Dickson

Location: Stirling
Phone: 07715 818194

Catriona is a Jing-trained Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist. She uses a blend of hands on techniques, including deep tissue massage; trigger point therapy; myofascial release; and sports stretching, alongside functional exercises and education to help facilitate her clients own healing.

She has been a Clinical Canine Massage Therapist since 2013 and after seeing amazing results in dogs such as: increased mobility, reduction in chronic pain and medication use resulting in improved quality of life, she wanted to bring these benefits to their owners too.

Catriona will create a session that is unique for you and your body’s needs. A Jing-trained therapist focuses on outcome oriented treatments, and Catriona will aim to produce the results you want within 1-6 sessions. This means that she may use a combination techniques to create the outcome you desire – reduction of pain and injury, improved range of motion and mobility or deep relaxation.

Advanced massage techniques are effective in the treatment of chronic pain conditions such as:
Back pain, neck pain, frozen shoulder, RSI (repetitive strain injury), headaches and migraine, TMJ, whiplash, sports injuries, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, pain from pregnancy and stress related conditions.

Catriona has been trained in:
• Living Anatomy
• Advanced Clinical Massage for Low Back Pain
• Advanced Clinical Massage for Shoulder Girdle Pain
• Advanced Clinical Massage for Neck and Shoulder Pain
• Advanced Clinical Massage for Carpal Tunnel and RSI
• Advanced Clinical Massage for Hip and Pelvis Pain
• Advanced Clinical Massage for Leg, Knee and Foot pain
• Advanced Sports Stretching
• Soft Tissue Release

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