Catherine Colyer Massage Therapists

Catherine Colyer

Location: Newbury
Phone: 0787 6316327

Inspired by my own rehabilitation from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome I began the journey to become a Clinical Massage Therapist. My initial training was in Holistic Massage level 3 with ITEC.

The next part of my massage adventure was to join the Jing gang for Advanced Clinical Massage Techniques. This year long course gives a fabulous range of techniques for many of the modern day and classical musculoskeletal issues we face on a regular basis.

I have also completed a 3 day Visceral manipulation course. This developed my listening skills and ability to work on a deeper level. In addition Sharon Wheelers’ ScarWork course for the restoration and release of scars especially from surrounding structures and fascia. The more I learn and practice the more I have appreciated the wonderful complexity of the body and what can cause restrictions and pain.

Based in Newbury I enjoy trail running, mountain biking and skiing. These also give me a good understanding of the need for a good therapist.

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