Audri Schaay

Location: Burford, Oxfordshire
Phone: 07741182858
Email: info@birchtreemassageandmovement.co.uk
Website: https://www.birchtreemassageandmovement.co.uk

Welcome to Birch Tree!

I help clients with chronic muskoskeletal pain using the Jing Method™ of Advanced Clinical Massage for successful outcomes and rehabilitation. I offer hands-on treatement and Pilates a my Studio. In a group setting, I offer Pilates Mat work online with a ‘sprinkle’ of Slings, which emphasise the myofascial tissue for elasticity, tensegral strength, greater somatic awareness and body-mind connection. My aim is to undo tension and reclaim ease in every day functional activity.


Audri is trained in the Jing Method™ of Advanced Clinical Massage, ITEC Sports- and Swedish Massage Level 3, Polestar Pilates – Comprehensive/ Studio and Slings Myofascial practitioner. Under Anatomy Trains, she completed Anatomy Trains in Function & Structural Balance and the Structure Essential modules, deepening her understanding of the myofascial slings.
Audri has true desire to help her clients who experience chronic muscoloskeletal pain and to support them through rehabilitation and mindful movement. She works as a JING Ambassador supporting the Teaching team and embarked on BTEC Level 6 to further her professional development.

Email: info@birchtreemassageandmovement.co.uk

FB: BirchTreeMassageAndMovement

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