Agur Arrien

Location: London
Phone: 07824901063

I am a Jing Method™ advanced clinical massage therapist, Advanced Myofascial release, Pregnancy and Post-Natal, Hot Stones, Indian Head massage and Craniosacral Therapy 1 (Upledger Institute). I am qualified to treat a range of chronic musculoskeletal pain conditions including low back pain, neck pain, headaches, whiplash, RSI, fibromyalgia and many other ongoing injury or pain conditions.

As an advanced clinical massage therapist, I am trained in a range of safe and effective soft tissue and massage techniques that aim to reduce your pain and increase your movement within 1-6 clinical treatments. The techniques I use include fascial work, trigger point therapy, acupressure, stretching and tailored self-care.
After suffering from several injuries related to my professional career as a dancer, I discovered the benefits of Pilates. Since 2009 I have run, together with Alice Croucher, who is also a Jing advanced clinical therapist, a Pilates rehabilitation-based studio in London SW4. Our studio in Clapham reflects our love for movement and years of clinical experience. We offer a combination of body work, breath work and soft tissue techniques. We are also qualified to work with breast cancer survivors under the Pink Ribbon programme and we use a range of Myofascial release techniques, trigger point, acupressure and mobilisation methods. We offer self- care advice and education with our clients both in the Pilates studio and on the massage table.
I use a warm and individualised approach that takes full account of all your physical and emotional needs. I am committed to working alongside you to get the results you need.

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