Working with the spine webinar

Webinar Recording: Working with the Spine

In this dynamic lunchbox Webinar we will teach you a sample from our cutting edge 2 day course Working with the Spine!

Lose your fear of working with the spine in this fascinating workshop combining insights from bodywork, physiotherapy and yoga.
• Detailed anatomy of the spine and relevant musculo-skeletal, ligamentous and fascial structures.
• Body reading: how to visually assess spinal bends, excessive curvature and rotations.
• Advanced soft tissue techniques to free spinal restrictions. Techniques include: direct and indirect myofascial release, trigger point, stretching and osteopathic skills adapted for the massage therapist.
• Effective and safe movement exercises for your client.
• The causes and contraindications of spinal pathologies including herniated disc, ankylosing spondylitis, spinal arthritis.

Related Course: Working with the Spine 5th-6th April 2018

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