Webinar: MFR for herniated disc

COPA 2019 Workshop preview: MFR for low back pain related to herniated discs & sciatic nerve pain

Jing are going to COPA (8th-9th May @ Excel in London), and we are running a series of 10 free CPD hand-on workshops!

This dynamic webinar is a preview one of the 10 free CPD workshops we are offering at the show: Myofascial release for low back pain related to herniated discs and sciatic nerve pain

In this webinar you will learn how myofascial release skills can be effective in achieving positive outcomes for clients with chronic non-specific low back pain. You will review the nature and role of fascia, myofasical release techniques and their clinical application for conditions such as sciatica, piriformis syndrome, ongoing chronic low back pain and degenerative disc conditions.

Joining us at COPA, and co-hosting the free CPD workshop sessions are the amazing teachers: Ruth Duncan, Susan Findlay, Julian Baker, James Earls, Tor Davies and Caroline Barrow and sponsored by magnificent massage table supplier Affinity

Interested in the full course?
Check out our hands-on or online course – The Jing Method for the Treatment of Low Back Pain

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