Jing Method Sports Massage

Sports and Event Specialism

Want to call yourself a sports massage therapist? Be able to access exciting new career opportunities working with athletes on and off the pitch? Have the skills and knowledge to work at sporting events such as the Commonwealth games or Paralympics? Get advice first hand from specialists working directly with elite athletes?

Then join the Jing team for this exciting new course which gives you the skills, theory and practical application of sports massage. This course is unique in that you get to put your new skills into immediate action with supervised practice at the Brighton marathon.

The 4 day module covers:

Advanced skills of STR (soft tissue release)
Pre, post and inter-event massage for a variety of sporting occasions
How to adapt existing and new skills to sports and event work
A day of supervised practice at the Brighton marathon

Course Dates


17 Apr - 20 Apr 2020
Sep 2019 – Sep 2021 in Brighton
£499 inc VAT

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