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The Jing Method™: Postnatal Massage Masterclass

Elevate your postnatal massage expertise with our 1-day masterclass, it’s a transformative journey led by Jing Director Meghan Mari! This hands-on course delves into the intricacies of postnatal massage, ensuring you have the skills and knowledge to provide exceptional care for postnatal clients. Gain practical knowledge and techniques to address the unique needs of mothers after birthing. Whether you’re a seasoned therapist or expanding your expertise, this course is your key to providing exceptional care.

Course Details:

Duration: 1 day
Cost: £150
Location: Jing HQ, Brighton
Date: Monday, 22nd April 2024


Completion of The Jing Method™: Pregnancy Massage is required before enrolling in this masterclass.

Course Highlights:

– Explore massage techniques designed to ease the postnatal journey for mothers.
– Gain insights into different birth options and their implications for treatment.
– Learn to work with common postnatal conditions and injuries, including:
– Postnatal depression
– Breastfeeding aversion
– Tears
– C-Section recovery
– Postnatal carpal tunnel
– Mastitis
– Pelvic floor rebuilding
– Coping with sleep deprivation

Course Booking

CLICK HERE BOOK:Monday 22nd April 2024 £150

To book this course you must have completed the Jing Method™ Pregnancy Massage Course!

The Jing Institute Enhancing Your Therapeutic Expertise for Postnatal Wellness.

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