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Advanced Fascial Masterclass: Fascial Positional Release

Fascinated by fascia? Marvelling at myofascial release? Then take your fascial work even further with this dynamic and creative master class led by Jing Director, Rachel Fairweather.

Fascial Anatomy and Assessment techniques

New fascial research and theory suggests that our traditional notions of anatomy are outdated. This workshop takes a fun and interactive approach to learning the new “fascial anatomy” of biotensegrity, fascial trains, chains and slings and shows how our fascial work can go right down to the level of the cell itself.

We will also look at a variety of assessment techniques to help the practitioner assess where major fascial restrictions may be found. These are drawn from major branches of fascial work including general and local listening, above the body scanning (manual thermal evaluation) plus fascial body reading

You also get access 1 hour online virtual classroom “An Introduction to Positional Release” as soon as you sign up!

Fascial Positional Release

Learn great new effective techniques for easing muscular contraction, spasm and pain in a simple, non-invasive way. Fascial positional release is a creative fusion of the techniques of positional release, orthobionomy and strain-counterstrain -these methods all involve the positioning of an area, or the whole body, in such a way as to produce a combination of neurological and circulatory changes which produce pain relief and relaxation of soft tissues.

Fascial positional release combines the theory of these methods with the sensitivity of a fascial “listening touch” and a knowledge of fascial and acupuncture meridians. 

Created, taught and tried and tested clinically by Jing director, Rachel Fairweather, this workshop is not to be missed!

We are anticipating this workshop to sell out quickly so book early to avoid disappointment!

Monday 16th September 2024 – Jing HQ, Brighton – £185 including online content

Click here to book: 16 Sep 2024

Combine with other masterclassesRibs, thorax and abdomen (date: 17th-18th September) and Taping (date: 19th September) for a truly nerdy Jing immersive experience!

JAMMM members – please note the online content for this course is already available to you in your virtual library – because of this you get a discount on the course price – check your online course for details on how to claim your discount! For more info on our Jing Advanced Massage Mentoring Membership click HERE:


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