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Enjoy this CPD online course with full information and massage protocol for pregnant clients with bonus post natal tips.

This course contains fantastic additional information to hands on training as gives an overview of a protocol for the whole body and covers all the red flags and contraindications throughout all the trimesters including the first trimester. Watch video demo’s of the moves we teach on our hands on pregnancy course and access great downloads packed full of details on the anatomy & pathologies of Pregnancy!

Course Structure:

Module 1: Anatomy & Pathologies of Pregnancy: Dive into the fascinating anatomy of pregnancy. We’ll explore the structural change that happens through the trimesters and give you an understanding of musculoskeletal pathologies that occur in pregnancy.

Module 2: Pregnancy: Getting hands-on (well, virtually) with massage techniques to relieve your pregnant clients aches & pains .

Module 3: Practical tips and expertise from a registered mid wife: Jing Director Meghan Mari and mid wife Lorena Ranson discuss consultation, common pathologies and red flags.

Module 4: Additional Resources: A full PDF manual download of all the great massage moves, some research and more help for consultation.

This course is a fantastic opportunity to boost your knowledge, help more individuals, and embrace your inner anatomy enthusiast. Get ready for an enlightening experience!

***This course is CPD only. To become a fully qualified/insured pregnancy massage therapist you must already have completed the ACMT (or equivalent from another school) and attend our 3 day pregnancy course or another pregnancy qualification.

This online content is included when you join our hands on Pregnancy Massage course.

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