Mental Health 101 for Massage Therapists

Do you wish you had more knowledge around how to help your clients with anxiety, depression, panic attacks, suicidal feelings and post traumatic stress? Would you benefit from understanding how trauma impacts upon your clients physical and emotional health?

Then our accessible online course in mental health awareness is for you!

Course cost:

£125 – full course price

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Run by Kate Webb, an experienced mental health practitioner of 30 years, this course will increase your skills in recognising the signs of mental health distress, being helpful to your clients when treating them, and referring them on to other sources of help.

Explore key concerns and dilemmas that you face in practice when encountering clients’ mental health issues and discuss ways to deal with tricky issues such as suicidal distress, safeguarding concerns and disclosures of past traumas that impact on how people feel in the present.

We will increase your knowledge, equip you with resources to refer clients on and crucially help you to understand the boundaries of your role i.e. you can’t ‘fix’ people or be responsible for their safety but you can be really helpful when they are struggling.

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