Jing Open Practice Evening for Jing Family

Hey Jing Fam! Want to practice everything you’ve learned with the support of our super Jing Teachers, Meg and Teresa? We’ve got an invite for you!

These open practice evenings are a great way to reconnect with Jing and yourself as a Jing therapist. Come with your questions around trigger point therapy, myofascial release, frozen shoulder or whiplash techniques and take the opportunity to reunite with your friends from your course.

Join us in sharing the love of massage for a special evening, give massage and get massaged! Whether you want to regain a bit of confidence or practice what you’ve learned, help new therapists understand the Jing way or just soak up the Jing vibe – we would LOVE to see you!

We’re also opening up this special £10 offer to your friends and family so why not grab a lovely gift for that person you know would make a brilliant massage therapist!

The evenings run from 6pm-9pm the first Tuesday of (most) months.

YOU can join for just £10 (usually £15), simply by selecting your preferred date to add to the basket and then using the code OpenEve£10 at the checkout.

We hope to create a blend of potential new therapists and existing therapists – you will be able to pay forward everything you’ve learnt at Jing to the newbies and make some great connections with the other Jinger’s. These evenings are open to anyone of any level from people who are just starting out with an interest in massage, all the way through to our BTEC level 6 – come with an open heart as you always do!

Can’t wait to see you there!

Upcoming Dates

Tuesday 2nd July, 6pm-9pm – Jing HQ, Brighton – £15

Click here to book: 02 Jul 2024

Tuesday 3rd September, 6pm-9pm – Jing HQ, Brighton – £15

Click here to book: 03 Sep 2024

Tuesday 1st October, 6pm-9pm – Jing HQ, Brighton – £15

Click here to book: 01 Oct 2024