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Coronavirus update: reopening of UK massage therapy in England, Scotland and Wales

“It’s not how long you wait, it’s how you do the waiting”

Thursday 9th July was possibly the most emotional day ever for massage therapists on the UK massage corona coaster.

The day started with Scottish massage therapists who were under the impression they could go back to work being told they couldn’t and ended with English massage therapists who were least expecting it being told they could resume work on Monday 13th July. Wales still patiently waits for an official confirmation of their expected return date of July 27th

Alone in Jing HQ with my wonderful Jing team working remotely and Meg my co-director on holiday cavorting around a field somewhere in Devon with dodgy wi-fi, I emotionally announced the news to our amazing Jing tribe. Our community comprises of thousands of dedicated and passionate massage therapists of every age and background and over the last few months we have wept, laughed, raged and problem solved over the weeks that turned into months of heartwarming, positive, equally educational and emotional Zoominars.

As the saying goes “It’s not how long you wait, its how you do the waiting”

Our amazing community in the depths of their despair scrabbled to find a footing. They turned up for our 3 weekly community Zoominars (45 of these over lockdown); got their heads around how to take aspects of their business online (big up to the members of the self-care subscription course who are having amazing wins offering team and individual online self-care sessions); learn to massage in PPE (check out blog episode 20 here); educated themselves with our monthly online conferences with our industry leaders and signed up in their droves for the innovative “Lockdown Love” new blended online ACMT experience.

We mediated, massaged and mused together. Jing community I have the deepest respect for your passion, spirituality and deep sense of resilience. You kept us going through those early days of lockdown when the sun shone endlessly and the world baked bread and reached for beer in equal measure. You kept us going when the world felt like it was ending but a new one might be starting. You kept each other going. Respect

And now to the new era for massage therapists in the COVID 19 world

“Two roads diverged in a yellow wood
And I took the one less travelled by
And that has made all the difference”

Now we stand at a crossroads in our profession. Yes, we can resume hands-on work and that is a reason for celebration. But we are not returning to business as usual here. COVID 19 is still very much with us. We have a public health, professional, legal and ethical duty to change the way we practice, potentially for the long term.

The road ahead is not necessarily an easy one. But as we have done over the last months we will navigate it together with you, hand in hand, with laughter and love for this wonderful profession and each other.

What do I need to do before re-opening

There are many questions on everyone lips including:

• What level of PPE should I wear?
• How long should my treatments be?
• How do I avoid doing head and neck work?
• Do I have to comply with track and trace?
• What do I do with my waste?
• What’s a risk assessment?
• Who do I have to screen and what do I do with the information?

We will be putting out more written information very soon but at the moment the best way to get your questions answered is to join our community Zoominar series next week where we will be holding your hands and taking you through this journey step by step

Stay strong

Above all stay strong and stay connected. We will get through this together just as we have weathered other storms collectively and individually with our hands, head and heart. Keep your light alive and if it is flickering let us help you re-ignite your passion, confidence and belief.

“If you were able to fall a hundred times as a child and rise, you are able to fall a thousand times as a grown-up and soar.”
― Matshona Dhliwayo

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