The Jing Method the new Model: Consultation, Assessment and Follow Up Self-Care

It’s a new world and let’s make it a better one for our clients.

Everyone who has ever!!!!! Studied at Jing needs this class. Sign up and you can watch it over and over again!! Get your questions answered.

3-hour recording: Workshop on how to properly benchmark.

  • How to do a thorough Jing Method Clinical consultation, ROM assessment and Follow up on line and in person in our new model for Massage Therapists.
  • How to communicate to all types of clients from new to your loyal favourites why the “Fix in Six” JING treatment protocol will work for them
  • The workshop will cover how to structure the consultation so that you are able to design a treatment plan that is progressive and will get results for your clients
  • We will look at appropriate note taking for you and your insurance.
  • We will also cover THE MONEY Question. How to charge appropriately and encourage bundle purchases for all budgets.

A Jing Method Clinical Massage consultation uses the bio psychosocial model for working with clients’ in pain taking into consideration

  • Medical History
  • Red and yellow Flags .. what is a true contraindication?
  • Clinical Consideration of past and current medical conditions and/or factors
  • Structural and Functional Elements – Are they able to walk, sit etc easily.
  • Emotional Elements – What is the emotional presentation of your client? Confident, or frightened. Are they able to take ownership of their mind-bodies or do they need support.
  • Keeping an open mind and practising non-judgement, while keeping to your professional boundaries as a Jing Clinical Massage Therapist.
  • OPQRS (Origin, provocation, quality, referral and site of pain)
  • The role of stress and other psychological factors
  • Functional Limitations
  • ROM Assessment
  • Relating Anatomy to Pathology
  • What Jing treatment in appropriate including Indicated Trigger Point, MFR, Sports Massage, and Stretching, Eastern Massage and Exercises for Self- Care
  • Clinical Reasoning for a 6 treatment plan over the appropriate time period for the patient

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Recording: A recording will be made available to all those who have booked a place on the course and will be sent via email by Monday 27th July