Online Anatomy for Yoga Teachers

Anatomy with Attitude

Knowing your musculoskeletal anatomy is a must if you want to gain a deeper understanding of the body and your yoga practice.

Teaching yoga without knowing your muscles or understanding anatomical language is like trying to get from one place to another without a map, you might get where you want to be but it will probably take you a lot longer or you could end up hopelessly lost! Your anatomy is the ‘roadmap’ of the body; if you really live and breathe your anatomy, your understanding with increase a thousand fold.

This dynamic online course will give you a good broad understanding of 4 major systems of the body:

  • Skeletal system
  • Muscular system
  • Nervous system
  • Connective tissue system

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Course Content

Video content

All content is personally presented by Rachel, Meg and the Jing team who love what they do- real people who love anatomy and want you to be passionate about it too! We believe that people learn best from people -not power point slides! Feel free to stop, pause or rewind the video and take it at your own pace. We have tried to keep the films to short manageable chunks – about the same length as a TV show – and we will do our best to keep you entertained during that time! The videos are streamed directly to your computer so you will need to have enough broadband capacity and be connected to the internet to view them.

Downloadable PDF handouts

Each lesson also has a detailed handout with the course material in a written form with pictures and diagrams. We have also given you the PDFs of the powerpoint slides used in the films. Some people learn best by referring to the handout while playing the video just as you would look at your notes during a class. Others prefer to just read the handout and use the video as a reference or as a consolidation after watching the video. It’s really up to you! You can read the handouts on your computer or tablet device or download and print them out to scribble on while you watch the lesson. Be patient when you click on the PDF link as they can take a short while to download depending on the speed of your computer.

Interactive quizzes

After each lesson you can consolidate and test your learning with our interactive quizzes. Best of all, the quiz gets marked automatically so you can see how you did straight away. The quizzes are not compulsory but can really help your learning and are actually a lot of fun (honest).

How long will it take to work through each lesson?

This will be different for everybody, but a good way of learning is to allow between an hour and a hour and a half for each lesson. For each session watch the video and read the notes then take the quiz to see how much you understood. For the practical muscle palpation sessions in module 3 you may wish to watch the videos while you have a friend to hand then you can practice feeling their muscles as you go along.

Don’t expect to absorb everything the first time around – learning theory tells us we often need to go back over things several times before it sticks. Replay the videos, take your notes on the bus with you and bore your family talking about what you learn . Don’t worry – each time you do this you will lay down a bit more information and eventually things will seem like second nature.

How long can I keep the course?

The PDF downloads are yours to keep and enjoy for a lifetime. Many students like to print all the handouts out and make them into a book.

You have two years to access this rest of the course (video content and quizzes), so you can keep coming back to the course whenever you like. If you love our bad jokes so much you want to keep us forever you can carry on with an annual access for a small fee.

Enjoy! And welcome to the Jing family.

Rachel and Meghan

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