The 2021 JING Clinical Research Conference

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The 2021 JING Clinical Research Conference
A Presentation of BTEC Level 6 Research Projects: Massage in the Covid Era

For over a decade Jing Massage has been proud to be the only school in the UK offering a BTEC Level 6 Professional Diploma in Advanced Clinical and Sports Massage. This unique course gives students a chance to study at the highest accredited level of massage and soft tissue therapy. Their 4 year part time course includes the devising and conducting of a focused research project to add to the worldwide pool of clinical research in massage.

Within this online course you can access SO much great content using the Module links at the bottom of the page. As well as a recording of the conference you can view all the BTEC 2018 graduates’ FULL research project dissertations as PDF downloads to read at your leisure!

The live conference took place on Wednesday 20th January, 10am-2:30pm. At the conference Jing graduates, who devised and completed their research in the midst of a global pandemic, shared their research live for the first time. Offering unique and valuable findings in this ever-changing world, the 2021 conference was a momentous occasion offering massage therapists a robust, current research evidence base to inform their practice in the Covid era and beyond.

Conference Presentations:

To view and download full dissertations and presentation slides from presenters, along with contact emails for any further questions are available in the below sections, click on title and name.


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