Living Anatomy

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This online course is designed to get the knowledge out of the textbook and into your hands. By palpating and exploring the movement of the living body you will gain a thorough understanding of all the major muscles.

You will learn:

  • The names, location and actions of all the vital muscles and bones in the body.
  • How to locate and palpate all the major muscles and bones in the body.
  • A greater understanding of how muscles and bones create movement.

This online course consists of:

1) A PDF download of the Living Anatomy course manual (you can print this out or look at it online).
2) Two pre-recorded webinars. These webinars were recorded for our exceptionally comprehensive year-long Musculoskeletal Anatomy course; they give a wonderful introduction to detailed anatomy. Webinar one includes bonus content not usually covered on the one-day hands-on Living Anatomy course. The suggested homework is not mandatory or essential for the Living Anatomy course – but if you would like to give it a go, that would be fantastic!
3) Two additional PDF downloads – these are the slides accompanying the pre-recorded webinars.
4) Two live webinars with Jing Director – Rachel Fairweather. Live webinars will take place at 10am on Monday 3rd October & Monday 10th October 2016. Please note – if you can not make the time and date – DO NOT WORRY! We will record both of these webinars and post them in the online course within 24 hours.

We highly recommend purchasing a copy of the ‘Trail Guide to the Body’ workbook by Andrew Biel and having this to hand for the live webinars. Homework is also taken from this book. This is a great additional resource to consolidate your knowledge and is available here.

Please ask any questions that you might have in the live webinars.