Jing ACMT Summer intensive: Advanced Clinical Massage

Should you take the Jing ACMT (Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist) Intensive?

This week on Jing TV, Meghan Mari talks with Hannah Rose Bellamy about the ACMT Intensive. To find out more about this awesome course, read on…

Achieve the Acclaimed JING ACMT in August 2017!
Tuesday 1st – Wednesday 23rd August 2017

Master therapist and Jing Director, Meghan Mari is dedicating her August come back to a few lucky individuals who want to achieve their ACMT qualification, this August!

She will guide the group through the advanced clinical massage education programme in the passionate and inspiring way only she can. Those who are part of it will benefit from her 20 years of knowledge and experience. You will get the chance to completely immerse yourself in the art of JING Advanced Clinical Massage.

Start your day doing tai chi or yoga on the beach and spend the day developing your skills as a creative clinical massage therapist. Experience the summer life of Brighton at the best time of year.

You must be passionate, dedicated and ready to throw yourself into this amazing course.

Interested? Read on…

This is your chance to join a mixed platform course- the 1st of its kind!!!
1st stage is online and at home learning.
2nd stage is experience -you must give and receive massage
3rd stage is an intensive 22 days of hands on learning @ the Jing Institute in Brighton: 1st – 23rd August

Start learning right away.

Once you register you will receive access to Jing On-line training for the
• Foundation Course (video download)
• Low back pain course (Online course)

You will be given
• A guide to living anatomy
• Invited to a special webinar in July just for participants headed by Rachel and Meghan.
• A recommended reading list

Before you arrive in August, we ask that you

• Complete the on-line learning course and watch the Foundation in advanced clinical massage techniques video download
• Receive 3 professional massages and write up a VERY SHORT REVIEW of each one. We request that at least 1 is from a Jing qualified ACMT. If you don’t know one in your area- Jing HQ can help.

August Hands – on Intensive

It will be exciting and intense. Be prepared to completely devote yourself in this time.
All the key elements of the ACMT will be covered including all the relevant anatomy, pathology and clinical skills needed to ease clients’ pain in 1-6 treatments from common musculoskeletal pain conditions. In addition to the clinical skills learnt that will enhance your practice, the course will be about enjoying and expanding the scope of your work. As part of that, the training will include meditation, tai chi and yoga.

Outline of learning days: 1st-23rd August 2017
Days will vary according to learning needs however, you must be generally available every day 8 am to 6pm. There will be afternoon breaks and evening social time.
Several practical evening sessions will take place from 7:30 to 9pm
Rest assure there will be big breaks and time to enjoy Brighton.
However, qualification requires full attendance to all sessions.

Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist (ACMT) Certificate

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