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Anatomy with Attitude Course Taster

TRachel and Nina ran a antastic free taster zoom of our awesome Anatomy with Attitude musculoskeletal course – whether you missed it or want to watch over and over again, here’s the recording for you to stream!

If you liked this taster you will LOVE the course! If you’re interested in learning MORE (of course you are – anatomy is fascinating!!) then keep an eye out for Anatomy with Attitude 2022 date coming soon!

This unique advanced online qualification in musculoskeletal anatomy is perfect for massage therapists, bodyworkers and movement teachers. Through greater understanding of anatomy, palpation skills and bodywork techniques will be enhanced. This course will catapult your anatomical knowledge to the top echelon, in a fun and accessible way, elevating your confidence and ability to talk to other medical professionals. We are delighted to offer this acclaimed Jing course in an online format.

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