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Grow your business with our Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist Qualification

Our ACMT (Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist) qualification gives you all the skills and knowledge you need to treat pain in your massage clients, the big question is WHY should you do it?

The short answer is that it will literally change your life. Hundreds of our students tell us that the ACMT has been a game changer for them in building a successful practice and the life they desire.

Here are a couple of those stories.

First we have Lee, previously a cabinet maker for 20 years:

“I qualified in Swedish massage in 2008 and got completely hooked. I did add on qualifications in Indian head massage and a level 3 sports massage and really thought I was great!

But then I met Jing and everything changed. Their approach was so completely different to anything I had done before. I had already signed up for a level 5 sports massage course but decided to do the ACMT as well.

There was just no comparison between the 2 courses. The Level 5 sports massage just taught me lists of muscles and endless stretches but didn’t really teach me how to put everything together and actually TREAT chronic pain

The Jing ACMT went way beyond what I was learning on the Level 5 sports massage. The course massively boosted my confidence in my ability to treat chronic pain and gave me a whole different direction in my life.

The ACMT has been 100% responsible for the life I have now – in January I earned £7K as a massage therapist; in March I only worked 16 days but still earned £3K!

I quite honestly feel super powered as a massage therapist. I have the confidence to talk to clients in a professional way about their condition and have a tool box of powerful techniques to help them”


Danielle, an existing massage therapist of many years, tells a similar story:

“I had wanted to do the ACMT for years but just had never found the time. When Jing launched the hybrid learning approach integrating online learning with the hands on it really opened things up for me as it gave me a much more flexible way of studying

I had been a therapist for 20 years with an ITEC qualification from 2002. I was more of the old school style where we learned from experience. During the pandemic there was a lot of talk about levels of practice and I realised that I needed a properly recognised qualification or I would get left behind.

The ACMT has completely changed my work, giving me the confidence to deal with more complex pathologies and to know how to treat them without having to refer. It has also given me the ability to clinically reason and communicate with GP’s and other professionals where before I didn’t feel as knowledgeable.

I can quite honestly say that the course has completely ramped my practice up to another level, I’m feeling really confident dealing with tricky situations like hip replacements and so much more!”


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