Hot Stone Fusion Comprehensive


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The 6-day course is designed for optimal learning. You will have 3 days of training and then a 4-6 week practice period. You will then return for 3 days of mastery work. The results you will get will astound you.


  • Exceptional and creative hot stone massage skills for the entire body.
  • A fusion of Eastern and Western advanced stone techniques, resulting in a seamless dance of stone and hands-on massage.
  • Applied anatomy and advanced trigger point techniques to treat neck, back, shoulder and specific pain patterns.
  • Hydrotherapy and deep tissue massage enabling you to use hot and cold stones for any treatment from spa treatments to sports remedial massage.
  • Marketing tools so you can immediately start your business development.
  • Positive body mechanics to protect your hands, wrists and back, allowing you to be the best massage therapist you can be.
  • Everything you need to know about stone massage. There is no need for expensive additional training after this course.

We believe equipment costs should be kept to a minimum, we sell reasonably priced luxury stone kits to our students on request.

Course Dates

Unfortunately the dates for this class have come and gone, but we are working on next year's schedule - so email us and tell us you are interested, so you can be the first to know of the new dates. Can’t wait to hear from you.

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