Advanced Fascial Master Class: Unwinding


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In this one day experiential and dynamic course we will explore hand-on techniques that will develop both your client unwinding and self-unwinding. Lead by Rachel Fairweather, Jing Director and expert fascial practitioner.

Fascial unwinding is a process in which a client undergoes a spontaneous reaction in response to the therapists touch. It can be induced by using specific techniques that encourage a client’s body to move into areas of release.

You will develop the practice of unwinding working from self unwinding to working as a member of a MFR Multiple Hands Team (covered in module one). You will refine your proprioceptive sensitivity and develop your hands-on skills both as a sole practitioner and working with multiple MFR practitioners. A fantastic opportunity for personal growth on both individual and professional levels under the supervision and guidance of an experienced tutor

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29 Oct 2020
Jing Short CPD Course Schedule in Brighton
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