Advanced Fascial Master Class: Myofascial Stretching


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Fascinated by fascia? Marvelling at myofascial release? Then take your fascial work even further with these dynamic and creative master classes led by Jing Director, Rachel Fairweather. These classes fuse the best of all approaches to fascial work and will  give you the confidence and creativity to work “out of the box” wtih an exicting and dynamic intuitive “fascial fusion” approach. 

Pre-requisite: Jing Fascial certificate or similar fascial bodywork experience

Fascial Anatomy and Assessment techniques

New fascial research and theory suggests that our traditional notions of anatomy are outdated. This workshop takes a fun and interactive approach to learning the new “fascial anatomy” of biotensegrity, fascial trains, chains and slings and shows how our fascial work can go right down to the level of the cell itself

We will also look at a variety of assessment techniques to help the practitioner assess where major fascial restrictions may be found. These are drawn from major branches of fascial work including general and local listening, above the body scanning  (manual thermal evaluation)  plus fascial body reading

Myofascial Stretching

Join Rachel for a fun day exploring her own exciting new creative approach to working with fascia through myofascial stretching. The workshop will explore techniques you can easily integrate into your existing fascial work or use as a stand alone full body treatment carried out on the table or the floor. This work fuses myofasical release, principles of Thai massage and intuitive whole body listening palpation skills on the part of the therapist to produce a novel and exciting new form of treatment.

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5 Jun 2020
Jing Short CPD Course Schedule in Brighton
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