The Jing Method Online Consultation Bundle


Increase your knowledge and help your clients.

By booking this Christmas deal you will get access to our two virtual classroom recordings in our mini CPD series on doing your consultation online!

  • Online Pre Treatment Screening and Consultation
  • Joint ROM Testing
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We recorded our 2021 series of live virtual classrooms that covered how massage therpaists can reduce face to face time with clients and be well prepared for their first treatment, by taking consultations online!.

Sign up to access the online courses and view to get the recording and the pdf resources for 2 years.

We sell these courses individually too – see HERE – £30 each or buy them all with this bundle and save £15!

In each course, you will learn:

    · What is the Jing Method New Model for Massage Therapists
    · How to do a thorough Jing Method Clinical Consultation Online
    · How to do a Covid-19 Pre Treatment Screening
    · How to communicate to all types of clients from the new, to your loyal favourites why the “Fix in Six” JING treatment protocol will work for them
    · The workshop will cover how to structure the consultation so that you are able to design a treatment plan that is progressive and will get results for your clients
    · We will also cover GDPR
    · ROM Joint Testing – Knowing how to benchmark your patients’ pain through ROM assessment and testing is so important. It is essential in tracking a progressive productive treatment plan. It is what gives you confidence in your success as a Jing Method Advanced Clinical therapeutic practitioner.
    · do a full Jing Method consultation on line
    · test the Range Of Motion of all major joints
    · assess the muscle function of all major muscles and how that relates to the joint’s specific ROM
    · specific note-taking for ROM and how to feed that into your 6 session treatment plan