Eoin O’Connell

Location: London
Phone: 07944493172

My approach to the work I do is that I listen to the body….its often referred to as the "listening touch". Whether you, the client, come in with a chronic or an acute injury, I "listen" to what your body wants from me.
I don't believe in the "no pain, no gain" concept of the traditional Sports Massage, instead I feel for the restrictions in your body that are contributing to your pain. Quite often the site of pain is being caused by muscular imbalances and tightness in a different area of the body.
I believe that, especially with chronic injuries, the body holds on to trauma in the muscles and connective tissue (fasica) and the work I do can facilitate the release of this trauma on a physical, as well as on an emotional, level.
I incorporate the Eastern philosophy to the body, Chi & energy flow along the meridians, acupressure points with the best of the techniques that have been developed in the West, in each session.
The techniques I use are not just for Sports injuries, they can be used to help people with all types of injuries and R.S.I. My clients range from Iron Men competitors who need their bodies in top shape for events to nurses who also need their bodies in top shape for the rigours of their job.

BECT Level 6 Sports Diploma at Jing Institute Brighton 2016-present
ACMT Certificate from Jing Institute Brighton 2014
Advanced Myofasical Release
Positional Release
Diploma in Systematic Kinesiology from School of Cotswold Kinesiology 2014
Level 3 ITEC Diet & Nutrition 2014
Level 3 City & Guilds Sports Diploma 2011
Level 3 City & Guilds Swedish Massage Diploma 2010
Fully paid up member of FHT

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