Suzy Daw Jing Massage Conference

Suzy Daw BSc (hons), MCSP, MCHC

Suzy has had the privilege of teaching for Jing for the last 8 years; she is a trained Physiotherapist, Yoga teacher and Life Coach and has clinics in Hove and Herstmonceaux in East Sussex. Suzy combines her grounded western medical knowledge with more complementary eastern philosophies and healing practices creating integrative, unique and empowering treatments and rehabilitative programs for her patients. She is also trained in Medical Acupuncture, Pilates, Ayurveda, Craniosacral Therapy, Myofascial work and Healing

Suzy is passionate about health and well being and sharing her wide, grounded extensive knowledge of the physical, emotional, energetic body with enthusiasm, authenticity, integrity and wisdom.
She has practiced Yoga for 25 years and taught Yoga for over 15, and teaches regular Yoga workshops, Courses and Retreats

She runs a health company called Vitailityworks alongside a GP, Nutritionist and Integrative Services Manager, which offers inspiring and empowering well-being workshops within schools and the NHS.
As a teacher she is known for her clarity, warmth, patience, humor and ability to talk anatomy and cosmic connections in the same breath.

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