Exercise rehabilitation intensive Dr Bettina Karsten

Weninar Recording: Exercise rehabilitation with Dr Bettina Karsten

Thanks for stopping by the webinar today! I hope that you enjoyed exploring the wonderful exercise rehabilitation, and how we can have a significant effect on the amount of time until your clients are up and about. If you want to watch the webinar again, and again, and again then the video below if for you!

If you want to know more, please join us for the 6 day Intensive course – details below.

Exercise rehabilitation intensive
Led by exercise rehab specialist and sports science lecturer, Dr Bettina Karsten, this course incorporates cutting-edge research in muscle physiology, functional anatomy and tissue repair and teaches you how to develop tailored exercise rehabilitation plans.

This fantastic course is relevant to anyone with a background in bodywork or personal training.

Practical rehabilitation and training techniques for athletes and non-athletes.
How to help those who want to regain full range of motion and strength levels after injury.
Advanced rehab exercises and exercise tests.
Cutting edge proprioceptive training research and functional exercises.
Advanced rehab exercises for the hip and low back.
Advanced rehab for the ankle and knee.
Advanced rehab for the shoulders and neck

Course date: 25th-30th May 2018
To book the course please click here!

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