Jing Lunch box webinar

WEBINAR RECORDING:: Musculo Skeletal Anatomy – Introduction to the Shoulder Girdle

This comprehensive 1 hour LunchBox Webinar based around the anatomy of the Shoulder Girdle, is designed as a taster for the 12 month Musculo Skeletal Anatomy Certificate.

What is the Musculo Skeletal Anatomy Certificate?

This unique 12 month course gives massage therapists, bodyworkers and movement instructors the highest level of theoretical and practical mastery of musculoskeletal anatomy. This course will elevate your confidence and understanding of all bodywork techniques and enhance your palpation skills and professional confidence. We are delighted to offer this acclaimed Jing course in a groundbreaking new format of blended hands-on and online learning.

Complete the full certificate in practical and theoretical musculoskeletal anatomy by attending both hands on days and all the online modules or opt to complete the online version only to gain our certificate in musculoskeletal anatomy theory.

• Learn at your own pace with our interactive webinars led by Rachel Fairweather, internationally respected director of Jing and author of Massage Fusion: The Jing method for the treatment of chronic pain.
• Watch and replay the webinars in your own time, at your own pace on your computer, tablet or smartphone.
• Consolidate your learning with online quizzes and worksheets.
• Interact with fellow students online via our special Facebook group.

• Have fun the Jing way with interactive days to ensure the material gets into your hands, heads and heart.
• Consolidate and advance your learning with fun small group work involving games and 3D learning
• Take part in specialised palpation sessions to take your learning out of the text books and onto the body

To find out more or book this course please click here or call the office on 01273 628 942.

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