Treating fibromyalgia with MFR

Myofascial Release for Fibromyalgia and post viral fatigue

Empower yourself to effectively address the challenging conditions of fibromyalgia and post-viral fatigue, including those linked to post-covid-19 syndrome, in this informative hands on masterclass.

Discover how to provide relief and support to clients experiencing constant pain, fatigue, and various complex symptoms. Understand the complexities of these conditions and learn to adapt your existing therapy skills. Make a meaningful difference in the lives of your afflicted clients.

Course Details:

Duration: 1 day hands on
Cost: £180 (Including VAT)
Online Content included: 2 hr recorded virtual classroom
Location: Jing HQ, Brighton

Course Highlights:

– Gain a theoretical understanding of the etiology of fibromyalgia and post-viral syndromes.
– Learn how to plan treatments and manage client expectations.
– Explore relevant technical terms, including central sensitization, nervous system “wind up,” and the biopsychosocial model.
– Adapt your existing manual therapy or movement techniques to effectively work with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and post-covid-19 syndrome clients.
– Discover self-care techniques and approaches to support your clients.

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Course Dates

Click here to book: 10 Oct 2024 £180 inc VAT

The Jing Institute, Empowering Therapists to Navigate Complex Conditions.

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