Exercise Rehab for Shoulder – Bettina Karsten

Unlock the Power of Exercise Rehab for Shoulder Treatment with Dr. Bettina Karsten

Duration: 1 day workshop
Cost: £150
Location: Jing HQ, Brighton
Date: Friday 25th October 2pm-8pm

Dr. Karsten, renowned for her expertise and practical approach, will guide you through advanced techniques that seamlessly integrate with your existing hands-on massage practice. This course offers a comprehensive exploration of muscle physiology, tissue repair, and functional anatomy, empowering you to develop progressive exercise rehab plans tailored for specific injuries and degenerative conditions.

Ideal for massage therapists and professionals working with musculoskeletal issues, this course provides essential knowledge and practical strategies to elevate your practice and deliver exceptional care to your clients.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from a leader in the field and transform your approach to shoulder rehabilitation.

We are expecting this course to fill quickly so register today and take your expertise to the next level!

Course Booking

Click here to book: 25 Oct 2024 £150 inc VAT

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