The Jing Protocol

6b: Fascial technique

Learn great direct and indirect fascial approaches including structural work with the fists, cross hand stretches and skin rolling.

6d: Treating the quadratus lumborum

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Learn how to treat this important muscle known as the “most overlooked cause of low back pain” with precise trigger point therapy, stretches and other effective techniques.

6e: Treating the gluteal muscles

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Learn dynamic broad and specific work plus detailed draping techniques for this important area. Includes specific trigger point work for gluteus maximus and medius and how to work deeper but not harder for effective release.

6f: Treating the piriformis and lateral rotators

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A key player in sciatic type symptoms, learning to treat the piriformis effectively is vital in working with low back pain. We review a range of techniques including trigger point therapy, soft tissue release and stretching.

6g: Acupressure points for low back pain

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Learn how incorporating acupressure points into your treatment can enhance your results. We review the theory and application of major acupressure points for the low back including the “shu” points on the bladder channel.

6i: Supine treatment of psoas and iliacus

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Being able to accurately locate and treat the psoas is fundamental for a full low back treatment yet many therapists are afraid of this area. Rachel and Meg guide you through a range of techniques including direct trigger point release, pin and stretch, myofascial cross hand stretches and positional release methods.

6j: Finishing

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Finish your treatment with elegance with great supine stretches, mobilisations and acupressure points.

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