Jing Fundamentals

2: The Jing method for the treatment of pain: the HFMAST formula

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This lesson introduces you in more detail to the Jing approach to treating musculo-skeletal pain. You will lean how to combine hot or cold, fascial technique, trigger points, acupressure points, stretching and self care advice within a treatment to achieve long lasting results for your clients.

3: Back to Basics

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This lesson lays the essential groundwork for giving a great treatment. This section is worth a viewing even if you are an experienced therapist as we find these elements are sometimes not taught well the first time around and hopefully you will pick up a few tips!

4: Consultation and assessment

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Taking a good consultation is a vital part of carrying out an effective treatment. Join Rachel and Meghan for an overview of the elements and skills needed to get to the heart of your client’s pain problem.

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