ACMT advanced clinical massage therapist

Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist (ACMT) Certificate

This exciting certification will give you the skills and the recognition as an advanced practitioner. Learn cutting edge techniques to be efficient and confident in your ability to treat pain. This course combines the most fundamental of the JING Advanced series for treating pain and injury, with specialised mastery days so that you will be able to offer the best treatments to your clients. This is a fantastic stand alone course, or can form year one of the BTEC level 6 Professional Diploma in advanced clinical and sports massage.

As this is a CPD (continuing professional development) course, you will need to hold a qualification in massage to attend. If you are not already a massage therapist you will need to take the Prerequisite course: Bodywork Beginnings – The Jing way (or an alternative equivalent).

We offer regular structured tracks or exciting intensive courses to enable you to qualify for our Certificate in Advanced Clinical Massage. Please have a look at the below dates and let us know which course will work for you!

New Dates
Summer Intensive: Wednesday 1st July – Sunday 26th July 2020

To get booked onto the ACMT (Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist) Certificate, please call Jing HQ on 01273 628 942.


JING has been at the forefront of Clinical massage training in the UK for over 15 years. It is our aim to work with individuals who want to be the best in their field. Our postgraduate series of courses combines techniques from around the world to help you reduce pain and increase range of motion for your clients.

This exciting certification will give you the skills and the recognition as an advanced practitioner. Accredited by Jing Advanced Massage Training, and recognised by all major  professional associations, it is a unique qualification in the UK.

This certificate aims to improve your clinical massage skills including assessment and treatment for common pain conditions. Skills learned encompass applied anatomy, advanced clinical massage, including: Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, Soft Tissue Release, Sports Techniques, Stretching (Passive, PNF & AIS), Hydrotherapy and Table Shiatsu. Gain an in-depth understanding of the treatment of common pain conditions such as back problems, sciatica, herniated disc, frozen shoulder, sporting injury, headaches, RSI and osteoarthritis. The 9 modules cover effective ways to treat every major area of the body and will cover the anatomy and specific treatment protocols for the area’s associated pathologies. The focus will be on an outcome-based model, enabling you to reduce client pain in 1-6 sessions.

ACMT Intensive Course Details

Achieve the Acclaimed JING ACMT by joining us on one of our Intensive courses

Summer of Surrender

Wednesday 1st – Thursday 26th July 2020

This course is ideal for those who want to achieve their ACMT qualification, in an intensive format.

The Jing Teachers will guide the group through the advanced clinical massage education programme in the passionate and inspiring way only they can. Those who are part of it will benefit from their years of knowledge and experience. You will get the chance to completely immerse yourself in the art of JING Advanced Clinical Massage.

Start your day doing tai chi or yoga and spend the day developing your skills as a creative clinical massage therapist.

You must be passionate, dedicated and ready to throw yourself into this amazing course.

Interested? Read on…

This is your chance to join a mixed platform course – unique in the industry!!!

1st stage is online and at home learning.
2nd stage is experience – you must give and receive a massage.
3rd stage is an intensive 22 – 30 days of hands on learning @ Jing in Brighton.

Start learning right away.

Once you register you will receive access to Jing online training for the:

•    Foundation Course (video download)
•    Low back pain course (Online course)
•   Living Anatomy course materials

Before you arrive, we ask that you

•    Complete the online learning course and watch the Foundation in advanced clinical massage techniques video download
•    Receive 3 professional massages and write up a VERY SHORT REVIEW of each one. We request that at least 1 is from a Jing qualified ACMT.  If you don’t know one in your area – Jing HQ can help.

Hands–on Intensives

It will be exciting and intense. Be prepared to completely devote yourself in this time.

All the key elements of the ACMT will be covered including all the relevant anatomy, pathology and clinical skills needed to ease clients’ pain in 1-6 treatments from common musculoskeletal pain conditions. In addition to the clinical skills learnt that will enhance your practice, the course will be about enjoying and expanding the scope of your work.  As part of that, the training will include meditation, tai chi and yoga.

Outline of learning days

Days will vary according to learning needs however, you must be generally available every day 8am to 6pm. There will be afternoon breaks and evening social time.
Several practical evening sessions will take place from 7:30 to 9pm

Rest assure there will be big breaks and time to enjoy Brighton.

However, qualification requires full attendance to all sessions.


As with all the CPD (continuing professional development) courses offered at Jing, you are expected to have completed the Jing qualifying course Bodywork Beginnings or hold a qualification in full body massage and a certificate in anatomy and physiology. To see the full Jing terms and conditions please click here.

Course fees

What if I have already completed some of the modules?

You are more than welcome to join the intensive.  You will receive financial credit towards the ACMT Intensive fees for up to 2 courses.  100% of the Foundation cost and 50% of all course fees paid for 1 additional ACMT course previously taken with JING.


Earlybird price if booked before 15th March 2020: £2520 (Incl. VAT)
PLUS Edexcel Registration fee: £180

Normal price (after 15th March 2020) £2880 (incl. VAT)
PLUS Edexcel Registration fee: £180

How do I book?

Click this button!

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ACMT Track Course Structure

The course can be taken on a focused modular basis over 12-14 months or students can combine modules at their own pace and time. The course includes theory and practical review days and a theoretical and practical exam. From 2020 this course will also include the 4 day sports and events module!!!

Course Modules


Open to all therapists who have completed Jing’s Bodywork Beginnings and/or hold a qualification in body massage (or other hands-on bodywork) and Anatomy and Physiology. Any board viable in the UK is acceptable providing it insures you to do hands-on bodywork with clients. Practitioners of Pilates, Bowen etc. must check with their own insurance and professional body to determine their status to be insured to do hands-on soft tissue techniques. Students who are nearing the end of a qualifying massage course or awaiting results will need to provide a letter from a tutor to verify competence in hands-on techniques.

Learning Environment and Examination

Your learning will be assessed both theoretically and practically within each module. The course also includes 2 practical review days; a theoretical review day and a clinical review day. There is a practical examination where your ability to carry out a treatment will be assessed and a theoretical multiple-choice and short answer exam. The learning environment promises to be non-threatening, co-operative, supportive, stimulating and above all, fun.

Format and Price

This certification builds on the popular flexible Jing short course format. You can work towards the certificate in the following ways:



Earlybird price if booked before 15th March 2020: £2520 (Incl. VAT)
PLUS Edexcel Registration fee: £180
= £2700

Normal price (after 15th March 2020) £2850 (incl. VAT)
PLUS Edexcel Registration fee: £180
= £3030.00


If you’re a new Jing student, we recommend this as it is the most beneficial way to learn. Also, commitment to this structure enables you to gain a substantial discount on your fees

Discounted price for paying in full upfront: £2880.00 + £180 (edexcel reg) = £3060
Full cost of course (payment plan): £3240.00 + £180 (edexcel reg) = £3420 (£600 deposit upfront and then monthly payments)

Edexcel/Pearson Registration fee: £180

** Foundation in Advanced Clinical Massage: 3 day Prerequisite £425


If you are an existing Jing student and have taken some of the modules already, you can apply them towards the certificate. Call us to discuss your options.


If you prefer to take the certificate at your own pace, you can take the modules in a way that suits your time and budget. Completion of all the modules and sitting the exam will enable you to gain this qualification.

Career Development Loan Information

Career Development loans have sadly ended due to lack of funding.

Please message your local MP to protest the lack of funding for further education.

Timetables and Booking

Please call the office on 01273 628 942 if you have any questions or would like to book!


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