Sports Techniques

Understanding and applying the science of sports techniques is critical to aiding professional athletes as well as weekend warriors, in injury rehabilitation and prevention. Jing’s sports series will give you the tools to help your clients perform better and stay injury free. However, sports techniques don’t have to stay in the realm of the sports enthusiast. Everyone benefits from being stretched and having their injuries understood and treated. Jing has a unique approach to applying these techniques, which involves developing a listening touch and getting you the therapist to work smarter not harder. We encourage all serious massage therapists to develop these skills.


Advanced rehab exercises and exercise tests

Led by Dr Bettina Karsten, this 1-day course teaches anybody interested in exercise rehabilitation about the specific principles of a planned and systematic rehabilitation process. When is it time to start exercising? What is allowed? What is too much or too little? How often should we exercise? Starting with an overall functional assessment, the development […]

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Advanced Rehabilitation for Knee Pain

Led by Dr. Bettina Karsten, this dynamic 1 day course is dedicated to the specific principles of rehab for knee pain. You will learn practical rehabilitation and training techniques for athletes and non-athletes alike, who want to regain full range of motion and strength levels after injuries, surgery or joint replacement. The main principles of […]

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Anatomy of Injury

Gain the confidence to work and communicate effectively with physiotherapists, osteopaths and the health profession. This course explores the scientific underpinning of injury and pain including how and why trigger points form, the psychological and physiological mechanisms of soft tissue pain, how and why muscles work and the anatomy of fascia. Course dates

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