The Seven Secrets of Highly Successful Bodyworkers by Rachel Fairweather

The Seven Secrets of Highly Successful Bodyworkers by Rachel Fairweather for Massage World Magazine

Published in Massage World Magazine (with acknowledgements to Steven Covey for his inspirational book: The 7 habits of Highly successful people) What makes a really GREAT bodyworker? During my twenty five year love affair with bodywork I have practised, taught, studied and received massage in many diverse parts of the world including the UK, USA, […]

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Avoiding bodywork burnout by Rachel Fairweather

Avoiding bodywork burnout by Rachel Fairweather for Holistic Therapist Magazine

Published in Holistic Therapist Magazine Anyone who works intensively with their hands is prone to injuring their arms, wrists, thumbs and fingers and unfortunately massage therapists are no exception. The arms and hands are just not designed to withstand heavy work over extended periods of time leading to carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow and other […]

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The Jing Book: Massage Fusion by Rachel Fairweather & Meghan Mari on JING TV!

The Jing Book: Massage Fusion by Rachel Fairweather & Meghan Mari

In this weeks episode of JING TV! Meghan Mari interviews Rachel Fairweather on the highly anticipated Jing book on Massage Fusion. The book is a detailed account of the Jing method for the treatment of musculo skeletal pain using a dynamic fusion of advanced massage approaches. Learn how to combine hot and cold, fascial work, […]

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Web Design on JIng TV!

Website Design

This week on Jing TV! Jing director Rachel Fairweather talks with design guru Andrew Dineley ( about websites. They talk about why you should have one, and why they are now as crucial as having a mobile phone! They also discuss how to get a website, and top tips for searching for your perfect developer […]

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Massage and Money on Jing TV

Money and Massage

This week the dynamic duo, Jing directors Meghan Mari and Rachel Fairweather, talk about money! What do you think about discounts, and how much do they add value to your business? They also tackle the tricky issue of mates rates, and price increases. Also what do you think about Groupon, and Living Social and other […]

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Points for pain on JING TV!

Points for pain

In this episode of JING TV! Rachel Fairweather will be discussing and more importantly demonstrating so acupressure points that can be incorporated into a clinical massage session when treating low back pain. Do you want to find out more about The JING Institute of advanced massage training?  Want to check out our hands on, or […]

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Agua Spa Team @ Mondrian

JING brings advanced clinical massage to top London Spa: Agua at the Mondraian

The international training gurus Directors Meghan Mari and Rachel Fairweather from Jing Massage based in Brighton are honoured to be a part of the prestigious launch of the Agua Spa at the Mondrian hotel. Their contribution to this glittering project #spaplayground is to infuse the spa therapists with a strong clinical and remedial tool kit. […]

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