Massage Matters – Are massage therapists able to work in lockdown 5th November RECORDING

Amazing times in the Jing house! Thank you to everyone who joined us for the BIGGEST lockdown zoom so far! 625 of you amazing, passionate, dedicated therapist showed up to be heard. Also a massive thank you to David Balen (Balens Insurance) and Yvonne Blake (The SMA professional association).

Following on from today’s important zoom. It seems clear that if you choose to practice it is paramount that you know how to justify your clinical treatments. 
Tune in tomorrow so Meg and Rache can take you through clinical reasoning, and appropriate note-taking so you can feel safe in your practice

We are Jing. Here to support you. Our amazing tribe of massage therapists. Sign up for tomorrow’s zoom. 10.30am Friday 6th November

So, you have asked to donate a few pennies and pounds for the community zoom sessions, and we are humbled and eternally grateful. In this tricky time for a massage training school, everything is appreciated.

Please just give what you think is right, and what you can afford. There is no judgement – only love and connection.

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